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1,Materials and construction: Camping tents are usually made of waterproof, breathable materials such as polyester or nylon. The skeleton of the tent is made of lightweight and strong materials such as aluminum alloy or fiberglass to ensure the stability of the tent.

2,Size and capacity: Camping tents come in a variety of sizes and shapes, including single, double, family or multi-room tents to meet the needs of different numbers of people. The height and space of tents are usually designed with comfort and ventilation in mind.

3,How to build: Most camping tents are self-contained and can be set up quickly without the use of poles. Some tents may also have domes or dome shapes to provide a greater sense of space.

4,Ventilation design: Camping tents are usually equipped with ventilation Windows, air holes, or open doors to ensure air circulation, reduce internal humidity, and improve comfort.

5,Rain protection: Camping tents usually have a waterproof coating and sealing treatment to prevent rain penetration. High quality tents usually have rain covers or rain tanks to ensure that they stay dry even in bad weather conditions.

6,Insect-proof: Camping tents usually have insect-proof nets or sealed tent bottoms to prevent insects from entering and provide a more comfortable sleeping environment.

7,Portability: Camping tents are usually collapsible and lightweight, making it easy to carry to different camping locations. Some tents are also equipped with tent bags for easy carrying and storage.

8,Durability: High quality camping tents are resistant and durable and can withstand different terrain and climate conditions.

9,Multi-seasonal: Some tents are designed for multi-season use and can be used in different climates in spring, summer, autumn and winter, providing year-round outdoor protection.

10,Color and design: Camping tents come in a variety of colors and designs to meet the individual appearance needs of different campers.

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Our Factory

We are OEM and ODM pure custom factory, professional service, quality products and competitive prices to win the trust of customers. There is a large stock, can be a piece of consignment, to meet all customer needs.


1. Who are we?


Dongguan Chang Yuan Plastic Toys Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer for all types of inflatable products. We are located in Dongguan city with high reputation of "World Factory". our main products include Air bed/Mattress, Air furniture, Mats & Lounges, Towable water tube, Snow tube, Boat and other inflatable products.

2. How can we guarantee quality?


We will offer samples for testing before mass production, also make strict quality inspection before shipping.