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Portable Half Moon Chair For Kids Garden Camp Chair Folding Outdoor Camping Moon Chair


Abrasion resistant

Steel tube


Bear the weight

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Product Details

1.Materials and construction: 

Adjustable outdoor camping chair are usually made of lightweight, durable materials, such as aluminum frames, reinforced plastic or canvas seats. The frame is designed to make the chair lightweight while providing sufficient stability.

2.Folding design:

Most oem outdoor camping chair have a folding design for easy carrying and storage. The folding mechanism is usually simple, allowing campers to easily unroll and retract the chair.

3.Size and weight: 

Portable outdoor camping chair  come in a variety of sizes, including single, double or family chairs to suit different needs. Weight also varies by design and material, designed to keep the chair lightweight and portable.

4.Seat design: 

Seats are designed with comfort and ventilation in mind, and some chairs may be equipped with air holes or mesh seats to provide better ventilation.


Some advanced camping chairs have adjustable features, such as adjustable seat height and reclinable back Angle, to meet the needs of different users.

6.Back bags and armrests: 

Some cheap foldable camping chair are designed with additional back bags for easy storage of small items. Some chairs may also be equipped with armrests for additional support and comfort.

7.Waterproof and wear-resistant: 

Since camping chairs are often used outdoors, many chairs have waterproof and wear-resistant characteristics to cope with different weather and terrain conditions.

8.Colors and designs: 

Camping chairs usually come in a variety of attractive colors and designs to meet the aesthetic needs of different users.


The frame of the durable foldable camping chair   is designed to provide enough stability to ensure that it will remain smooth even on uneven ground.

When it comes to outdoor seating, our range of camping chairs has you covered. From waterproof and wear-resistant options to ensure durability in any weather, to stability-enhanced designs for a secure sit on uneven terrain, we've got the perfect chair for your camping adventures. Looking for something tailored to your preferences? Consider our custom outdoor camping chairs, allowing you to choose features like size and color for a personalized experience. Need a chair that's easy to transport? 

Changyuan’s portable outdoor camping chairs are lightweight and foldable, making them ideal for travel. For couples or extra space, check out our double outdoor camping chairs. And don't forget the little ones - we offer outdoor camping chairs designed specifically for kids, ensuring comfort and safety for the whole family. Whether you prefer a calming green hue or a vibrant color, our outdoor camping chairs are ready to provide comfort and convenience wherever your outdoor excursions take you.Please contact us

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