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Wholesale Air Mattress Inflatable Mattress With Built In Electric Pump Portable Inflated Bed


Easy to use and carry 

Quickly inflate 

High weight capacity 

Load capacity 300KG 

Equipped with a built-in air pump 

Easy to store and carry 

Suitable for different environments

Main Functions

High density and good capriciousness

Inflation and deflation Automatically

Soft and Comfortable

Product Details

1.Material and construction: 

PVC air bed are usually made of high quality PVC, TPU or other soft, durable plastic or rubber materials. Inside the mattress there are multiple inflating chambers, which inflate the mattress through an air pump or mouth blowing.

2.Inflation Method: 

Most single mattress bed can be inflated using an air pump or by blowing air through the mouth. Some advanced models even come with a built-in inflator pump for quick and easy access.


Air mattresses are usually designed to provide a good sleeping experience. Some high-end models may have airbags, air chambers, or other technology to provide better support and comfort.

4.Leak-proof design: 

To prevent air leakage, flocking mattress bed are usually equipped with leak-proof valves or leak-proof technology to ensure that they remain inflated overnight.


A custom air bed might be just what you need. With a custom air bed, you have the freedom to tailor every aspect to your preferences, from the firmness level to the size and even the materials used. Whether you prefer a plush surface or extra support, a custom air bed can be designed to meet your unique comfort needs. Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all mattresses and hello to a truly customized sleeping solution that promises the perfect night's rest, every night.


Look no further than inflatable mattresses designed for every occasion. Whether you need a cozy home inflatable mattress for overnight guests, a compact and versatile office inflatable mattress for those extra-long work days, or a convenient car inflatable mattress for road trips and camping adventures, there's a solution for every need. And when you're ready to escape into the great outdoors, a durable camping inflatable mattress ensures you'll sleep soundly under the stars.

Changyuan provides Durable inflatable mattress, high quality, and can customize inflatable mattress, please contact us! Shop for an air mattress that makes you happy.

Wholesale Air Mattress Inflatable Mattress With Built In Electric Pump Portable Inflated Bed

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Our Factory

We are OEM and ODM pure custom factory, professional service, quality products and competitive prices to win the trust of customers. There is a large stock, can be a piece of consignment, to meet all customer needs.

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1. Who are we?


Dongguan Chang Yuan Plastic Toys Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer for all types of inflatable products. We are located in Dongguan city with high reputation of "World Factory". our main products include Air bed/Mattress, Air furniture, Mats & Lounges, Towable water tube, Snow tube, Boat and other inflatable products.

2. How can we guarantee quality?


We will offer samples for testing before mass production, also make strict quality inspection before shipping.